Living with HIV/AIDS – Cause, Effect, Prevention, Therapy

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    Living with HIV/AIDS – Cause, Effect, Prevention, Therapy

    This project dates back to 2008, is being updated to the latest and is soon available!

    Living with HIV / AIDS provides all the information about this disease, starting with the history of the discovery of the virus, about its properties, the definition of the disease AIDS, the HIV infection with their symptoms, as well as effectiveness and clinical picture.

    In addition, the films show the routes of infection and transmission, but also the prevention and the workings of HIV tests. Finally, the current treatments are represented and people tell how they deal with the disease and the problems arising from infection and therapy.

    The individual therapies correspond to the 2008 level and may not be uptodate.

    Awarded with “Grand Prix Victoria Silver” at the 24th international economy film days.

    Es gibt auch eine deutsche Version:  “Leben mit HIV/AIDS – Ursache, Wirkung, Prävention, Therapie “

    • Film 1 “General Informations” (The HI-Virus, what is AIDS, HIV-infection & symptoms, mode of functioning & clinical pattern)
    • Film 2 “Infection & Transmission” (Unsave sex, intravenous drug use, HIV infection with blood, mother-child)
    • Film 3 “Preventive Measures”
    • Film 4 “HIV-Test  (Diagnostic window, HIV-tests, a positive HIV-test)
    • Film 5 “HIV-Therapy (HAART-therapy and side effects, more HIV-therapies)
    • Film 6 “Living with HIV/AIDS” (Living with HIV, AIDS in partnerships, Summary)

    © 2008 / Script and camera: Rüdiger Morawetz / Expert advice: Dr. Sigrid Ofner (AIDS Hilfe Wien), Mag. Beatrix Urban (Bundes-ARGE Biologie) / Postproduction: Gerald Kreisel / Runtime approx. ca. 74min

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