GENEration – Forests in Climate Change / Consequences

    published in Der Klimawandel

    GENEration – Forests in Climate Change / Consequences

    The documentary features 10 selected contributions to show climate change and its effects on the forest, but also adequate measures that can be taken to prepare the forest for climate change on the basis of genetically suitable trees and to manage it sustainably in the future.

    The first part deals with the causes of climate warming and shows its influence on global wind systems and the resulting consequences, particularly on Europe and Austria. The expected effects on domestic forests, such as increased dry stress, stronger storm events, forest fires or heavy rain, are just as discussed as possible changes in carbon storage or the stronger strain on forest pests. Finally, the spread of trees is described by the natural seed and pollen proliferation, as well as possible adaptation by the socalled epigenetics.

    All possible silvicultural measures can be found in Part 2 of „GENEration – Forests in Climate Change“.

    Es gibt auch eine deutsche Version: „GENial – Der Wald im Klimawandel / Auswirkungen“

    The individual films can also be seen on Youtube.

    Part 1 – Climate change and its consequences

    • Film 1 „Global Climate Change
    • Film 2 „Forests and Climate Change
    • Film 3 „Carbon Sink Forest
    • Film 4 „Disturbance and Forest Pests
    • Film 5 „Natural Processes of Adaptation

    © 2018 / Overall Management: Rüdiger Morawetz, Renate Haslinger  (BIOSA) / Expert advice: Silvo Schüler (BFW), Robert Jandl (BFW), Kurt Ramskogler (LIECO), Douglas Maraun (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz), Beatrix Urban (Bundes-ARGE Biologie) / Camera: Rüdiger Morawetz / Camera drone: Gerald Kreisel / Editing, graphics, postproduction: Gerald Kreisel / Runtime approx. 74 min.

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    Titel: GENEration – Forests in Climate Change / Consequences

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